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Josh Rimmington
"The Dentists Secret Weapon"
"We have done at multiple 6 figures since I spoke at the event"
Josh is an online marketer who helps dentists to get a flood of new clients in the door. Taking the uncertainty of their business growth and saving them the time and effort out of learning and doing it themselves. 

Recently, Josh got invited to speak at a dental business owners conference. He had never spoken in front of a large audience before let alone on a stage at a conference that attendees had paid $2-3000 dollars to attend.

Understandable he was scared! He didn't quite know where to start.

It was at this point he had the decision to make. Turn down the opportunity and let fear get the better of him, or do what his clients do when they need help....hire someone with that skill set.

Josh decided to jump into Public Speaking Secrets.
He got super clear on his message, his delivery and incorporating his own style into the talk.

He was under strict instructions that there was to be NO PITCHING from the stage. That didn't worry Josh as he knew it would still be valuable getting his business in front of his ideal clients.

Seven days after his talk he sent me a message. He had just had a call from the event organizer who told him he had been voted #1 speaker at the event. This was an event that 75% of the other speakers were on full-time professional speaking tours.
I asked him why it took him 7 days to tell me. He told me he had been booked up all week after his talk with strategy calls with people who had approached him after the event. 

All up he closed over 6 figures worth of business from one 45 minute talk.

Unsurprisingly he has already been invited back and is looking for other opportunities as we speak.
In his words ' I had no idea just how powerful a great narrative could be for educating but also promoting my business'.

Standing on stage at a paid event automatically positioned Josh as an authority.
His powerful presentation just confirmed that to the audience.
Speaking gave Josh the ability to be able to go from unknown to authority and from liked to trusted for free.
Josh is an Online Marketing Expert
6 Figures From His First Ever Talk
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