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How to share your message 
to a worldwide audience....
...and speak with confidence, create opportunities 
and take your business to another level
We want our message to be heard whether it be a keynote presentation, addressing the board, video recording, pitch or selling from stage.
Our problem is that more often than not we either don't put our hand up to make these types of presentation or when we do they are extremely BORING…
But here's the thing...
This can be extremely costly.
The thing is not taking your audience on an emotional journey, keeping them engaged generally results in the same outcome. People switch off and deals fall over. Your message and impact significantly decreasing. Public speaking is a powerful platform where you get to control the narrative. If you do these well, people will warm to you, be more likely to take on what you say and be more inclined to trust you. This generally leads to further opportunities whether that be closing on an account, making a sale, getting a promotion or creating a relationship.
Because you can’t do this if you aren't controlling the delivering an engaging and thought provoking speech or presentation.
But Public Speaking is Hard...
Particularly if you want to create something that is engaging, that will allow your audience to easily understand what you are about.

Too many people out there think those who are the best speakers have the 'Gift of the Gab'.

This couldn't be further from the truth. 

Imagine every time you got in front an audience whether it be on camera, on stage or in the boardroom you got up with confidence, clarity, and conviction. 

If you are spending hours preparing, practicing and more often than not doing a 'good enough' job of it ... There is a better way.

Instead, imagine a blueprint. A cookie cutter type approach to shape an engaging, entertain and informative talk....every time. No longer reading it off overly cluttered slides, cue cards or worse memorizing it and forgetting it mid speech!

Usually, we take 2 routes when it comes to public speaking. The first we avoid it at all costs. Leading to us missing promotions, business exposure and a raft of other opportunities. The other is we decide (or are forced) to give that presentation.  We go through hours, days or even weeks of nerves, anxiety, and stress. What's worse is when it comes to giving the presentation we get through it but its more of a chore of the audience to listen then the inspiring, engaging and entertaining talk we had hoped to give.

But what if you didn’t have to spend hours upon hours creating, practicing and fine tuning that compelling speech? 
What if you had a system in place that shared your message to a worldwide audience, boost your authority and could easily be applied to any situation?
Imagine engaging being the most engaging speaker in your company. 

Imagine that having a system to follow that no matter the circumstances or amount of preparation time you can give an amazing, high quality and engaging talk. 

Imagine taking those opportunities you keep turning down due to fear of putting yourself in front of others to speak 

Imagine being able to close a pitch from either the stage or the boardroom with confidence that those listening will be begging to work with you. 
What if you had this all highly structured system designed so that you could actually achieve this level of confidence and certainty in 2 hours a week over the next 6 weeks.
And most of all, imagine the upside of giving one powerful speech that resulted in a promotion, closing a deal or boosting your companies exposure. All off the back of being a more confident, charismatic and engaging speaker.
And what if I told you I’ve developed a solution for this exact problem, so you can become a courageous, captivating and sought after speaker. One that allows you to play on a bigger stage?
From Fearful 
To Fearless
Hi, I'm Victor Ahipene, founder of The Public Speaking Blueprint.
In 2000, I was a complete coward…

I had just started high school and you could bearly hear a peep out of me.

My mum decided this needed to change (mums seriously do know best).

She enrolled me in public speaking classes after school.

It was like a light went off in my head. In each class, I would learn these strategies that if I followed made giving a speech simple.   It was like riding a bike. I started off like a kid with training wheels on. As I applied what I had learnt it was like I had taken them off and was riding on the road. In the end, I worked at it honing my craft so much it felt like I was the speech equivalent of a tour de France cyclist. 

Once I saw the transformations that had occurred I was hooked I spent 100's of hours learning, practicing, speaking and even sitting exams.

That's not to say I didn't make some big mistakes and learn some massive lessons because I did.

Well was it worth it...

I became the youngest New Zealander to ever achieve their Public Speaking Teachers Diploma (while still at school).I entered and won speech contests while at school. 

Since then I have gone on with the confidence and skills to start 'The Youngpreneurs Podcast' which went to #1 in 6 different countries. Speak locally, nationally and internationally, including my recent Tedx talk I was invited to speak at.   

Public Speaking has not only given a 13 year old me confidence it has allowed me to distil this skills down to help 1000's of others do the same.

I want to help you share your message and play on a bigger stage, close more sales and win that pitch.
In 2019, Public Speaking is the most powerful platform to get in front of more of your ideal clients. And in 2019-20, 
with the advent of more online video and live events, it's set to become an even more critical skill.
The Secret Sauce Behind 
Becoming a Confident Speaker
The Public Speaking Blueprint utilizes the 3 P's Method. Each P stands for a different critical step in becoming an impactful speaker.

Introducing the 3 P's: Package-Present-Persuade.
Too many people try to simply write out a whole presentation and either copy and paste it on your slides or try and memorize that. 

Both of these methods don't work for one key reason. You are trying to make your brain do to separate tasks. The first is to either read or recite your speech, once you do this it is extremely difficult to add in delivery, personality, pitch, pace, tone, and inflection. 

Leading to a boring, monotone, and non-engaging talk.

Knowing how to PACKAGE your information is critical. Have an effective structure and flow is like having Google Maps showing you the best way to your destination. The majority of people, however, try to get there without directions...the result is even if they get there it usually takes longer, has a few wrong turns, and just like directionless you lack confidence along the way.

Having the right PACKAGE for your talk is crucial but now you have PRESENT it with power. Once you learn the key aspects of good presentation you will easily and naturally be able to PRESENT with confidence each and every time.

If it's in the boardroom or a keynote presentation as a speaker you want your message penetrating the minds of those listening. To truly make it impactful you have to control the frame throughout your talk to PERSUADE. 

Once you learn and master these 3 P's you can then confidently implement them into each and every speech you ever do!

The Public Speaking Blueprints 3 P's Method is a new system developed from 18 years of speaking and teaching to others. Fast track your learning process and go from cue-cards to keynote speaker!
See, when you apply the right strategy to your Public Speaking it is almost effortless. If you want to grow and have the edge on your competition…
I want you to meet one of my students, Josh.

Josh is an online marketer who helps dentists to get a flood of new clients in the door. Taking the uncertainty of their business growth and saving them the time and effort out of learning and doing it themselves.

Recently, Josh got invited to speak at a dental business owners conference. He had never spoken in front of a large audience before let alone on a stage at a conference that attendees had paid $2-3000 dollars to attend.

Understandable he was scared! He didn't quite know where to start.

It was at this point he had the decision to make. Turn down the opportunity and let fear get the better of him, or do what his clients do when they need help....hire someone with that skill set.

I had a chat to Josh and he jumped into the Public Speaking Blueprint.

He got super clear on his message, his delivery and incorporating his own style into the talk.

He was under strict instructions that there was to be NO PITCHING from the stage. That didn't worry Josh as he knew it would still be valuable getting his business in front of his ideal clients.

Seven days after his talk he sent me a message. He had just had a call from the event organizer who told him he had been voted #1 speaker at the event. This was an event that 75% of the other speakers were on full-time professional speaking tours.

I asked him why it took him 7 days to tell me. He told me he had been booked up all week after his talk with strategy calls with people who had approached him after the event. 

All up he closed over 6 figures worth of business from one 45 minute talk.

Unsurprisingly he has already been invited back and is looking for other opportunities as we speak.  

In his words ' I had no idea just how powerful a great narrative could be for educating but also promoting my business'.

The sky is the limit now. As they say success breeds success.
Standing on stage at a paid event automatically positioned Josh as an authority. 

His powerful presentation just confirmed that to the audience.

Speaking gave Josh the ability to be able to go from unknown to authority and from liked to trusted for free.
Here's Proof It Works
These are just a taste of the results clients 
have seen with The Public Speaking Blueprint
Point is, The Public Speaking Blueprint works for anyone in any speaking situation.
The program for Entrepreneurs and Corporate Executives who want to more effectively share their businesses message to the world, close more sales and create a flood of new opportunities! 
With The Public Speaking Blueprint, you will develop the framework to successfully deliver a compelling talk, presentation or pitch regardless of the situation, preparation time or audience size.  Not only that it will teach you the skills to position yourself as the go-to authority within your industry or company. 

This is a full implementation and support driven program that within the private community allows you a safe place to further practice, develop and receive feedback from both Victor and all the community themselves. 

With your public speaking abilities sky rocketing, we will teach you how to become better known, put yourself in the position for my speaking opportunities, leverage off your new found confidence to connect with other industry experts and much more.

But first, I want to make sure you’re a PERFECT fit for The Public Speaking Blueprint...
. You are a business owner or online entrepreneur look to share your message with a bigger audience


. Working in the corporate world and wanting to upskill to create a point of difference for yourself

. You hate or fear public speaking and it's holding you back from opportunities daily

. You find yourself spending hours working on presentations that in the end aren't that engaging. 

If you can answer “Yes” to any of these questions, then The Public Speaking Blueprint is designed for you…
However, a word of warning.
This is NOT an information-only course.
This is a fully customized, implementation and support program that not only teaches you what you need to know to be a more confident speaker but gives you the support at every stage from a public speaking expert with over 18 years experience.

That's what sets The Public Speaking Blueprint apart.

Speed and ease of execution are our main goal when it comes to turning you into a confident speaker.

When you join The Public Speaking Blueprint, you’re buying time. We’re giving you what takes most people years(if they ever actually get there), in just weeks (if you put in the work each week).
Here's exactly what will happen 
if you decide to get in:
As soon as payment is made, you will get a Thank You page with a welcome video from me, and a link to your account shortly after. 
At the same time, you’re being added to our email system and will get a confirmation email immediately, welcoming you to the course and again providing you with the access details to your account.
You will be added to The Public Speaking Blueprint Community on Facebook where you will meet Me and all our other awesome members.
Then we get into the content :)
Here is THE EXACT SYSTEM I USE in The Public Speaking Blueprint: The 3 P's 

– Learn how to package every speech so that you have those listening hanging off every word. You will learn an adaptable framework that fits a 5-minute presentation all the way full day pitch. Giving you confidence and clarity in any situation.
Leave memorizing your talks to the amateurs. Save yourself time and produce a better talk with a proven framework.

PRESENT – Having the right PACKAGE for your talk is crucial but now you have PRESENT it with power. 
Let's be honest we have all been in the audience, in a meeting or part of a presentation and the speaker (it could have been you) was boring, non-engaging, monotonous and you switched off! Learning the key aspects of good presentation you will allow you to easily and naturally be able to PRESENT with confidence each and every time.

PERSUADE – If it's in the boardroom or a keynote presentation as a speaker you want your message penetrating the minds of those listening. To truly make it impactful you have to control the frame throughout your talk to PERSUADE. In this section, we deliver in-depth insight into controlling all of these aspects to get your message noticed. Particularly in pitching, selling and conveying your ever important message.

Now, before we talk about the investment into The Public Speaking Blueprint because I’m committed to your success, I want to ensure that you get everything right at the very start of building the skills to be an amazing speaker.
That’s why if you get in before this offer expires, I will get you a free 1-on-1 call with ME prior to starting. In this call, your goals, what has been holding you back and also how you can leverage off this in your industry while you are still learning.

This is not a fluff call...I sell 1 on 1 packages of 8 calls for my Public Speaking Blueprint students for  $4000 (my application-only program).

But I only want to give this as a bonus to those who are committed to taking action, so get in before it’s gone.
Now, if you’re still reading this, you’re 
probably wondering how much the
 investment in The Public Speaking Blueprint is.
The way I see it, you have a few options:
Do nothing. Walk away with the knowledge that there’s a better way to get your businesses message out there. Continue to play it small and subsequently suffer with less future customers and opportunities then you deserve.
Go hire a professional public speaking coach. Unfortunately, most won't be able to teach you the skills to sell, pitch and leverage off your new found skills. Most worth their weight will cost you $500-1000 an hour. If that’s what you want to do, then go for it.
Try and figure it out yourself, and spend untold amounts of time frustrated and fearful. Continue to play small and turn down opportunities for your professional or business progression. It would take you forever to build a house or fix peoples cars without the right training and a system. So why risk it with speaking?
 And took hundreds of hours to test the things that you can implement from this course…
Or you could get in on The Public Speaking Blueprint and start on a fast track to becoming a better speaker
in a matter of weeks.
12 Sessions Over 6 Weeks of Actionable, Curated Training, packed with the strategies, tactics and insider tips you’ll implement to become a CONFIDENT, CHARISMATIC and KEYNOTE presenter. 

 At the same time teaching the skills to PACKAGE and PRESENT any talk in any situation no matter the crowd size, preparation time or practice time. Once you lock those skills down we will go layer your talks with the integral parts to persuade (ethically) your ideal clients. Leading to more sales, deals closed and more opportunities coming knocking at your door.
Finally, we help you put this all together to teach you the skills to turn you into the Go-to Authority in your industry. People hunting you down to work with you, have you speak or work with you.
There's no “information overload” here. I walk you through every step in a logical and manageable sequence.
But as well all know, content isn’t need support and real people who can help you through all this. That’s why you also get…


The Public Speaking Blueprint is about getting a system behind you so you can deliver the speech of your life in front of an audience no matter the size every single time and with impact. To help you 
do that, you also get…
Worksheets and downloadable session audio to listen to on the go. We all live busy lives and sitting down in front a screen to rewatch sessions might not always be practical. The same goes with putting your ideas, pitches and frameworks together. That's why as part of the Public Speaking Blueprint each session comes with worksheets and a downloadable MP3 audio of each session. Take them with you on the go, in the car, on your walks or even at the gym. Repetition of the modules will mean you’ll never have to worry about whether or not you’re “doing it right”.
. BONUS: A 1-on-1 Call with me prior to you beginning the course. If you get in before this offer expires, you will get a 1-on-1 call with me prior to you beginning the course. In this session, we will work through your fears and beliefs, your goals and aspirations and map out a fast track to get you there.
Normally, The Public Speaking Blueprint is 
a $1,997 program...but for now, get started for just
12x Monthly Payments of $67
Payments are spaced 30 days apart
I am completely committed to helping you become the speaker you always looked up to but never thought you could become. This program was designed so people like you can play bigger and share an important message that will help more people.  And we’ve seen it work time and time again.

That’s why I guarantee that this program will work and that when you do the work and implement this system, you WILL get results.

I am 100% committed to your success with this program. If you implement The Public Speaking Blueprint and don’t see results, I will make sure that you get extra support from myself personally so you’re getting the outcome you need. We'll do whatever it takes to work with you to get results. If, after we've worked with you to achieve your goals, you still don’t get results, I don’t deserve your money and I’ll happily refund you.

Just let us know within 30 days of purchase that you took action and didn't see results (even after our help) and we'll process the refund.

"Within weeks I had crafted a talk, booked into several local events to deliver it and generated a flood of new clients. For my new business public speaking has been the best ROI as it has allowed me to create a connection on a leveraged scale. Victors knowledge and experience has been invaluable around creating the perfect narrative. I have dealt with many mentors and coaches in various fields in all professional areas and Victor is without a doubt the one who goes above and beyond."

Jake Kay Lawson- Nextgen Visuals

"It's not only the confidence public speaking gave me, its the opportunities I have been able to create for myself. I am so glad I found the Public Speaking Blueprint no longer do I think public speaking is something that only some people can do. 

Shay Spence - Tradable
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